Monica Kenton and Robert Zuniga [Secrets of Success in Business]

[Secrets of Success in Business] Monica Kenton and Robert Zuniga

Monica Kenton is the creator of the
“Ignite Your Brilliance Now” Signature System.


Monica Kenton is a passion and profit mentor as well as a speaker who helps mission driven entrepreneurs who know they are brilliant but their bank accounts are not reflecting that yet.

Monica uses the same system that helped her leave her University teaching career of 21 years in only 4 short months and what helped her reach a national audience and increase her profits by 400% in less than a year.

Monica grew up always knowing she had a unique message to share and didn’t have the tools to make that happen.

After a car accident in 2000, her life radically changed.

Monica pursued alternative therapies to get her health back.

She studied with many spiritual mentors and also a nationally recognized business mentor to fill in the pieces she still needed.

Monica went from being a single, divorced mom, who was broke, lacked energy, and didn’t have a dream for herself to a successful business owner, with a wonderful new marriage, home, friends, and a life that she always dreamed of.

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