Advanced Strategy of Preeminence [Secrets of Success in Business]

Jay Abraham on the “Advanced Strategy of Preeminence”
[Secrets of Success in Business]
The first step is being a trusted advisor…..

don’t look for customers, look for clients….

…it’s about relationships…

…be an advocate, be a problem-solver…

…focus on marketing, management, strategy and innovation

…is the goal worthy of you…so you can enhance the lives of those you do business with…


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Mastermind Group-Power Networking with Robert Zuniga- [Secrets of Success in Business][Minneapolis][St Paul]

St Paul-Minneapolis-Mastermind Group-
Power Networking with Robert Zuniga- [Secrets of Success in Business]power-networking-robert-zuniga-minneapolis-st paul-marketing

Every week in St. Paul, MN, we get together and “Work On Our Business”.
Here our group is practicing our messaging skills so we
become more effective in the Business and Social Networking
Events that we attend during the week.

Join Us at [Secrets of Success in Business] and
“Work On Your Business” with us!

Power Networking Questions
You Answer ….
1. What I do …. (Please be as specific as possible)
2. Why I am here …. (Write One Specific Reason)
3. Who my ideal prospect is … (Market niche)

To create a “What can I do for you mindset”
You Ask …..

1. What specifically do you do?
2. Why are you at this event?
3. Who is your ideal prospect?

*Source: Alex Mandossian introduced to me the “Trialogue” technique. Thanks Alex!

Power Networking with Robert Zuniga [Secrets of Success in Business]

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