Change Your Bank, Get Financial Freedom

Change Your Bank, Get Financial Freedom..Sign Up Today!


Robert here…with critical information for you and your family…

I’ve listed some thoughts that I hope move you to act and attend Nelson Nash’s visit…

  • Mpls-St Paul –Putting humanity in your relationship with money..
  • You’ll learn banking secrets that are robbing your bank account…
  • If your eyes roll over at the thought of money and financing…you’ve been taught the wrong information….and you’re paying for it every day…through interest and taxes…
  • Re-educate yourself with mind opening info that WILL change your life forever…
  • Need to finance (or refinance) your home? Learn how to with NO interest paid to the bank…Need more information? Act now! Call me 651-343-9940
  • Don’t understand U.S. Banking and Finance? Learn what is usually taught only to people making over $200,000+ a year…We’ll teach you the secrets of the independently wealthy…today! Info you’ll never forget…ever….
  • Are you getting “taken to the bank”…with interest charges a part of your expenses? Learn how to become the bank…and say goodbye to credit checks forever!
  • Do you love your children? Learn how to provide for them and set up generations to come….leave a true legacy…
  • Need to get your children’s college fund started? Learn how to in four years or less and not have it count against you for scholarships and student loans..
  • Need to finance a car? Learn how to without paying interest or without paying Federal taxes on your cash outlay….
  • Retired and losing equity through withdrawals and the stock market…learn a different strategy…
  • Need to finance your lifestyle while in between jobs? Learn how to without burning through all of your wealth (or your 401(k))..
  • In between jobs? Scholarships me 651-343-9940

What we have on this day is a chance for you to

learn how to get your bank working for you…

produced by Robert Zuniga and Justin Bauer in Minneapolis-St Paul, MN


Change Your Bank, Get Financial Freedom..Sign Up Today!

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“At Your Service:Working with Multicultural Customers”Staff Training[English/Spanish]

Staff Training Curriculum “At Your Service:Working with Multicultural Customers” [English/Spanish]



Problem-Four Customer Service Snafus

In the article “Four Simple Ways to Lose Customers [Slide Show]” by Christian Gulliksen, she shares her insight on customer service snafus….

1. Making Me Constantly Repeat Myself
2. Acting Like I’m Not There
3. Trying to Sell Me Something I Don’t Need
4. Asking for an Instant Evaluation of Customer Service

Link: click here (registration required)

SolutionAt Your Service: Working with Multicultural Customers (English/Spanish)

Keep customers by training your staff.
Check out the “At Your Service:Working with Multicultural Customers” [English/Spanish] program from the University of Minnesota.