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If you are interested in accelerating your day to day progress and getting the momentum needed to meet and exceed your goals…you need to check us out.

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Inventors, Lawyers, Accountants (CPAs), Marketing Professionals, Branding Professionals, Intellectual Property (IP) owners, Business StartUps, Business Coaches, Business Sequencing Specialists and anyone seeking Cooperative and Collaborative Networking.

Charlotte Business and Investor Club

Charlotte, NC
388 creative investors

Collaborative Networking…Creative Financing/Investment StrategiesWe focus on the Three Pillars of Acquiring Passive Income: Stocks, Real Estate and Businesses.Investment …

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Entrepreneur Power Hour

Monday, Feb 8, 2016, 8:00 PM
7 Attending

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Robert Zuniga

16520 Landen Forest Ln
Davidson, NC 28036


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Robert Zuniga is an Information Marketer. As a Lifetime Learner, he has spent 10+ years as an Entrepreneur and 20+ years in Academia where he acquired degrees in Economics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering. He also has advanced training in Physics, Industrial Engineering and Political Economy.

Robert’s specialty is Education-Based Marketing and his appreciation of Social, Cultural and Technical Trends provide a point of view sure to get you thinking and more importantly,doing.

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