Power Networking with Robert Zuniga[Minneapolis][St Paul][Mastermind]

Power Networking with Robert Zuniga [Secrets of Success in Business]

Every week we get together and “Work On Our Business”.power-networking-robert-zuniga-minneapolis-st paul-mastermind
Here our group is practicing our messaging skills so we
become more effective in the Business and Social Networking
Events that we attend during the week.

Join Us at [Secrets of Success in Business] and
“Work On Your Business” with us!


Power Networking Questions
You Answer ….
1. What I do …. (Please be as specific as possible)
2. Why I am here …. (Write One Specific Reason)
3. Who my ideal prospect is … (Market niche)

To create a “What can I do for you mindset”
You Ask …..

1. What specifically do you do?
2. Why are you at this event?
3. Who is your ideal prospect?

*Source: Alex Mandossian introduced to me the “Trialogue” technique. Thanks Alex!

Power Networking with Robert Zuniga [Secrets of Success in Business]

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