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Custom Stained Glass Windows and Art for Sale-Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC Artist and Instructor Susan Selva

Check out the Custom Stained Glass Window and Art Installations for Homes, Businesses, Churches – (exterior and interior).

Susan Selva has been in the Stained Glass business for 27 years.

Why use a Stained Glass Artist?

There are many reasons why someone would choose to use a Stained Glass artist.

Although stained glass has a history of being used in churches, today, the potential places to use stained glass are endless.

There is no doubt that a stained glass window can add beauty to any location and we can see evidence of this in private homes as well as public places and businesses.

Stained glass can be used to create any atmosphere or mood ; the possibilities are as endless as art itself. Susan Selva 704-936-6641


How do your clients typically get started on a step-by-step basis?

Clients call when they have a place that they are maybe thinking of putting a stained glass window.

Many times, they don’t really know what they want but are intrigued by the idea but have no idea of what it involves and/or what they really want.

They then call me and start asking questions.

I, in turn, start asking questions..…, what is it they are trying to accomplish by putting in stained glass; what is their decorating style; are they worried about what would happen if they should want to resell their property; do they already have a picture in mind of what they would like to see in that space; what is the budget that they have in mind for that window/windows or perhaps door.

If they want to pursue this then I schedule an appointment to come out and look at the space that they have in mind and we then start the process of narrowing down what they would like to see. Susan Selva 704-936-6641


Susan Selva-Charlotte NC Stained Glass Windows and Art -Artist and Instructor

The start of this what she calls “love affair with glass” began when she took an evening Continuing Education class at her local community college (Gaston College, Gastonia, NC).

It was supposed to just be a fun class to take to get out of the house after the birth of her third child, but quickly turned into a passion that continues to this day.

Susan started out by giving everyone in her family, as well as friends, stained glass as gifts for birthdays as well as holidays.

This then turned into signing up to do local arts and crafts fairs. After several years, she began doing work for a stained glass studio in Cornelius, NC (Colorful Connections). Susan Selva 704-936-6641

charlotte-stained-glass-art-instructor-5In 1999, she and another glass friend decided to open their own stained glass shop in Mooresville, NC called Classic Stained Glass Inc.

Here, for 2 years, they provided stained glass services to many homes in the Lake Norman area, had a retail shop which sold supplies and taught classes.

In 2001, they provided the stained glass for the new addition to St. Therese Catholic Church.

Shortly thereafter, this business was closed. Susan Selva 704-936-6641

After a brief hiatus, Susan began offering her services out of her home based studio.

Today, Susan offers her services to create beautiful stained glass windows and also offers classes in this amazing ancient art form.

Susan lives in Charlotte, NC and you can view some of her work on her website: Susan Selva 704-936-6641

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