“At Your Service:Working with Multicultural Customers”Staff Training[English/Spanish]

Staff Training Curriculum “At Your Service:Working with Multicultural Customers” [English/Spanish]



Problem-Four Customer Service Snafus

In the article “Four Simple Ways to Lose Customers [Slide Show]” by Christian Gulliksen, she shares her insight on customer service snafus….

1. Making Me Constantly Repeat Myself
2. Acting Like I’m Not There
3. Trying to Sell Me Something I Don’t Need
4. Asking for an Instant Evaluation of Customer Service

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SolutionAt Your Service: Working with Multicultural Customers (English/Spanish)

Keep customers by training your staff.
Check out the “At Your Service:Working with Multicultural Customers” [English/Spanish] program from the University of Minnesota.


Rick Swanson and Robert Zuniga [Secrets of Success in Business]

Rick Swanson and Robert Zuniga discuss [Secrets of Success in Business] [Overcoming Roadblocks]

Rick Swanson is founder of Learning Meets Quality, a company that provides process improvement consulting. He is a career educator, having worked in formal K-12 education, informal education, and corporate training. Most recently he added Lean Six Sigma project management to his background, leading Green Belt and Black Belt projects that saved his employer more than $2 million dollars over 5 years. Rick now brings productivity improvement to his clients by exploring that fertile space where employee development and process improvement intersect, in other words, where “learning meets quality”. In his personal time, Rick is an avid  photographer, and enjoys playing business golf, and playing bluegrass banjo, although not at the same time ;0)

Robert Zuniga’s OvercomingRoadblocks YouTube Channel

This video can be found here: Rick Swanson and Robert Zuniga Interview

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