World’s Most Expensive and Scarcest Resource @ [Charlotte Investors-Business Club] with Robert Zuniga

Robert Zuniga leads an exercise for you to manage the “World Most Expensive and Scarcest Resource” right here in Charlotte, NC

Of course the answer is YOUR TIME….

Print out the pdf links below and follow along….it’s worth your time to do so..

Time Management with Robert Zuniga [North Carolina]- [Charlotte Business and Investors Club][NC]



Time Management Handout




Actual and Ideal Day Worksheets


The most expensive and scarcest resources we have is time.


Charlotte Business Investor Club


As entrepreneurs and investors, we must always factor in the time involved (the term) of all our activity…


“Opportunity Costs” are a part of every life decision.

Who we are…

entrepreneurs that are interested in

Collaborative Networking…

Creative Financing/Investment Strategies Discussing Investment Strategies and Opportunities…

We currently have meetings in Charlotte, NC.


In this meeting, the attendees are:


John Clark-Credit Score Repair Services 704-425-2071


Karla Holland- t 704-726-9325


Meredith Sloan- Legal Shield 704-517-6070


John CasaSanta-  704-545-2047

dividend paying whole life insurance-charlotte-nc

Robert Zuniga- 704-594-1483

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