YouTube Tips with Robert Zuniga-Minneapolis-St Paul-

YouTube Tips…Working Smarter with Robert Zuniga

Youtube Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses are presented


  • titles-suggestions
  • descriptions-how and what to write
  • tags-what are these about?
  • promoting-the goal of any marketing campaign
Information to help you overcome your roadblocks to success.

Why: I Love Marketing!
What: YouTube Tips-Working Smarter

Where:790-Cromwell-Ave-MN-55114 Twin Cities Photography Group Studios

790 Cromwell AveSt Paul, MN 55114

Green Door on Cromwell Ave.” map

When: Every Tuesday

Cost: $ 7

Weekly Mastermind Meetup-Agenda

1-2 PM meeting starts at 1:15 PM

2-3 PM Power Networking [Minneapolis][St Paul]
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YouTube Tips for Entrepreneurs [Secrets of Success In Business] [Overcoming Roadblocks]‬

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